Rev Limit Auto Center provides one of the best services when it comes to protecting your vehicle with ceramic coating. Our technicians in our detailing department are well trained in protecting and coating your vehicle.

Ceramic coating is the process of protecting your vehicle’s paint, tires and windows from water spotting, corrosion, abrasion and dust. The coating will bond to your vehicle’s factory paint creating a layer of protection from UV damage/ Oxidation. It will also enhance your car’s paint and clear coat to give it a more glossy finish.  This process can take anywhere from 12-24 hours. 


Through now days social media marketing, Ceramic coating can be misunderstood between what it can and can't do.


Ceramic Graphene Coating in Kapolei, HI - Rev Limit Auto Center

JADE-CERAMIC’s delivers the very latest in Ceramic Coating technology! The highly advanced silicon dioxide (SiO2) coating bonds with a surface at a molecular level, creating a super durable coating with protection that will last for years against UV, Dust, Acid Rain, minor scratches, Salt. All with radiant gloss levels.

  • Unmatched durability and strength.  The Jade Graphene Pro is a 10H on the hardness scale, the highest possible rating.  It provides 5 years of protection – this is basically body armor for your car!
  • No further paint protection required.  Waxing and sealing can be replaced with the Jade Graphene Pro Coating.  The Jade Graphene Pro is easier to maintain, lasts longer, and sheds water with ease.
  • Save loads of time and effort.  The Jade Graphene Pro is anti-static, hydrophobic, resistant to swirls and micro-marring, and requires minimal polishing.  Ceramic coating will help keep your vehicle looking brand new with minimal maintenance. The cleaning process of your vehicle will be much easier and faster. 
  • Leaves a brilliant, lasting sheen on your paint.  The Jade Graphene Pro is sleeker and glossier than clear coats, finishing with a deep, glassy shine.  This product is truly unrivaled amongst paint protectants! 


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