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Monthly Archives: August 2021

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor?

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Oxygen Sensor?

An automotive oxygen sensor detects the presence of oxygen in the exhaust gases. The information is used to determine the number of parameters essential for combustion engine efficiency and emission control. Its role is to control combustion engine efficiency and emissions and ensure that appropriate fuel is delivered to the cylinders.   What Is an Oxygen Sensor Inside of a Vehicle? An automotive oxygen sensor is a piece of equipment you find inside modern cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It prevents the so-called knock from occurring, which can happen when an engine misfires or detonates too soon before it has finished burning its mixture of air and fuel. The sensor prevents knocking by detecting sufficient levels of oxygen present in the exhaust gases exiting from the cylinder head, and if there aren't, the system shuts down.   Oxygen sensors are mounted in the exhaust pipe to monitor the efficiency of combustion in an engine. Their job is to replace ... read more

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