Do Windshield Wipers Require Maintenance?

Most people tend to forget about their windshield wipers until their windscreen looks dirty or it downpours on a summer day. To keep your trusty wipers in good shape, you also need to keep your windshield clean. These components go hand-in-hand to help you see clearly no matter the weather. Show your windshield wiper blades some love and care, and you’ll be safe in return. 


Between rain showers, bugs, and various debris that can cling onto your windshield, your wipers can do all the work in a swift movement. That is why wiper blades can wear out pretty quickly, between 6-12 months. One of the first parts that break down first is the rubber piece on the blade. That is why the team at Rev Limit Auto Center recommends replacing them at least once a year. And the fall time is the perfect time of year to do so.

How to Inspect Your Wiper Blades

To check if the wiper blades are due for a replacement, feel the rubber areas of the blade for buildup of dirt and other contaminants. If it feels rough instead of smooth, consider replacing them. However, the best way to check to see if they are good is to run them. Signs of streaking, skipping, or squealing sounds all indicate that you have bad wipers.

Wiper Blade Maintenance

There are also precautionary measures you can take in both cold and hot seasons to ensure your wiper blades don’t go bad. 

  • During the cooler months, make sure you pull your wipers away from the windshield if you know that temperatures are going to freeze overnight. The last thing you want is for your wipers to be frosted stuck on the windshield. 
  • In the hot and sunny months, be sure to avoid direct exposure with the sun. The UV rays can dry out the rubber on the blades and cause them to go bad sooner. If the rubber is hard or cracked, it is time to toss those wipers to the side.

If you need help installing windshield wiper blades or topping off your wiper fluid, please do not hesitate to stop by our auto repair shop. The team at Rev Limit Auto Center in Kapolei, HI always looks forward to helping customers with their maintenance!

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