How to Pinpoint Your Vehicle's Smell

Often, a car will give off an unusual smell as a call for help. Whenever you notice an unpleasant smell lingering in or around your vehicle, it means that it is dealing with some issues. Here is a list of vehicle smells and what kind of trouble they may mean for your car:

  • If your vehicle reeks of rotten eggs, it is most likely due to an overloaded catalytic converter. This foul smell is emitted when the car cannot convert the hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide properly. 
  • If you are smelling a sweet maple syrup, it could mean that you have a radiator leak or a problem with the heater core. Either way, you should get immediate attention before your engine overheats.
  • If your car smells like burnt paper, it could mean that your clutch is overworked from shifting gears too quickly.
  • If you are smelling burnt oil, the first thing you should check is your motor oil. When the oil runs low, due to a leak, it puts your engine at risk of overheating. 
  • If you catch a burnt carpet, especially after braking, it could mean that you're too rough on your vehicle's brakes. Your brake pads are overheated, so please have your components checked out shortly.
  • A mildewed basement odor simply means that there is mold present in your car's A/C system. 

If you need a vehicle inspection performed or repairs for any of the problems mentioned above, we welcome you to bring your car to Rev Limit Auto Center.

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