Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs An Oil Service

Changing the oil in your vehicle is usually a quick and painless process, but somehow most drivers put it off and overlook the overall importance of engine oil. Not only can good, clean motor oil keep your engine parts lubricated, but it can also improve your car's performance and extend the life of the engine.


Some drivers rely solely on mileage to determine when they take their car in for an oil service; however, you should know other factors come into play. The quality of the oil, the age, make, model of the car, and how the car is driven all affect how frequent your oil changes should be. Unfortunately, oil breaks down over time, losing its lubricating properties. Once motor oil loses its effectiveness, your vehicle will likely exhibit some warning signs:

  • Check engine or oil light on - Either of these lights can alert you on your dashboard as a sign that your car needs an oil change. 
  • Engine knocking or noise - Because oil plays a crucial role in protecting your engine parts, your engine components will brush against each other once there's an oil deficiency. This can be a huge problem as it can damage engine parts.
  • Dark, gritty oil - Clean, working oil should be amber in color and somewhat translucent. If the oil is dark, gritty, and overall looks dirty, it means you're due for an oil change.
  • Oil smell - If you can pick up the scent of oil from inside your car, it may mean that you have an oil leak. Not only will you need new oil, but you will require a professional to patch up the leak.
  • Exhaust smoke - Last but not least, exhaust smoke may suggest you have damaged engine parts or have an oil leak. Please bring your car in for service soon if you notice excess smoke coming out of your tailpipe.

In conclusion, oil changes are simple, inexpensive, and quick. They are an essential maintenance item to keep your car running healthy and safely. It also helps prevent excess wear and tear on your engine, making your car last longer with fewer repairs down the line. If you need an oil change in Kapolei, HI, please bring your vehicle to Rev Limit Auto Center today.

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