The Top 5 Signs Your Car Needs New Spark Plugs

Usually, multiple drivers conclude that facing trouble starting the engine emanates from a faulty car battery. Although it could be the case, other issues, including faulty or worn-out spark plugs, can make your car fail to start. Watch out for these spark plug problems to know when you need to replace them for your car to work effectively.

Engine Misfires

An engine misfire often occurs when at least one spark plug is worn out. In simple words, an engine misfire is when your car sends raw fuel to the exhaust, damaging the catalytic converter, causing low fuel economy, and causing high exhaust emissions. When you notice any of these issues, visit an auto care shop immediately for troubleshooting service of the spark plugs.

Trouble Starting the Car

Dirty, snapped, and worn-out spark plugs make it strenuous for them to deliver the spark required to ignite your car's engine, mostly during cold weather. You'll notice this issue when your vehicle displays a jerky start or cranks for a long time before it starts. If you don't seek professional help early enough, you may be looking at bigger issues such as damaging the engine and draining your car battery.

Rough Engine Idling

Unfortunately, at some point in your driving life, you may experience unusual rattling, knocking, or pinging sounds when you leave your car engine idle. The sounds are signs the vehicle's spark plugs are faulty and need replacement.

Check Engine Light is On

When a spark plug fails, the most obvious thing you'll see is a flashing or switched-on engine light. Seek assistance from a technician straight away if you see the light is on to prevent further damages such as engine misfires and defective catalytic converters.

Car Struggles To Accelerate

If you notice your car isn't responding smoothly when you press the accelerator pedal, the issue could be damaged spark plugs. You don't like driving a sluggish, fuel-siphoning car, right? So don't hesitate to look for an expert to replace the faulty spark plugs.

If you need a spark plug replacement, give Rev Limit Auto Center a call today!

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