What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean?

What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean?
The power steering system warning light means that your car is having a problem with the power steering system.

Surely, it has happened to you that you have been driving when suddenly the warning light of the power steering system comes on. This light can have an exclamation point or a steering wheel shape and be red or yellow depending on the type of your car. This means there is a problem with the power steering system that you need to resolve, and once it's done, the light will go away. If this problem happens to you when you are driving, you should find a place to park and stop driving. It is not recommended to continue driving like this. You have to fix that.

Depending on the type of car you have, power steering systems can be of the following types:

  • Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering System: If failures occur, when the correct fluid is added, the light will go off. This will be a temporary solution. Keep in mind that there must be a leak that needs to be repaired. It is recommended that an expert check your car to diagnose exactly what the problem is in your vehicle.
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering System: In this case, like any computer, the system must be restarted. That is, when you restart your engine, this light will go off. But, if the light does not go off, then there must be a deeper problem and, in this case, your car will need to be checked so that an expert can diagnose and solve it.

Keep in mind that it is not safe to drive a car with the steering system warning light on. Because you won't be able to do the maneuvers you want. You will have to be very careful because it will be difficult for you to drive and in the end, you could crash and have an accident.

Changing the fluid in the power steering system from time to time will help you keep the steering system in good condition, but don't forget that you also need to take your car for a review from time to time so that you avoid any problems when driving.

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