What Kind of Dashboard Warning Lights Are There?

Aside from hearing from a professional tech, your dashboard is the number one source when it comes to getting the latest updates on your vehicle's condition. Your dashboard will remind you of maintenance services, and it can also warn you of trouble. There are six essential warning symbols you should know about and neverignore:

Battery Light

The electrical fault light, or battery light, is outlined in the shape of a car battery. When it is up and bright on your dash, there is something wrong with your electrical system that may include the battery, alternator, or starter.

Tire Pressure Light

The tire pressure light, also known as the TPMS symbol, is another one of those lights you should keep an eye out for. The emblem resembles a tire with an exclamation point, and it signifies that one or more of your tires are underinflated. Driving on low-pressure tires is extremely dangerous. Not only are you prematurely wearing your tires, but it can also lead to deadly vehicle accidents. Please measure and refill your tires to the factory-recommended psi as soon as possible.

Anti-Lock Brake Light

The ABS warning light is easy to read and directly relates to the anti-lock braking system. As you know, the anti-lock brakes operate to keep your car in contact with the road safely. You should treat any issue relating to your brakes promptly.

Oil Pressure Light

The oil pressure warning light is illustrated as a traditional oil can and is usually red to indicate urgency. This light can tell you a lot about the condition of your vehicle's engine oil. It usually means you're either running low on oil or your oil pump isn't circulating enough fluid to lubricate your engine correctly. You should address this problem pronto, as engine damage can take place quickly.

Engine Temperature Light

The engine/coolant temperature is shown with a symbol that resembles a thermometer submerged in liquid. This warning lets you know that your engine is on the verge of overheating. Engine overheating is a complex and dangerous matter, so please stop driving immediately. To prevent further damage, you should call for a tow to the repair shop.

Check Engine Light

This dashboard light mirrors the outline of an engine block, and it's the most distinguishable. The check engine light is usually the most brutal warning, aside from the engine overheating light. There's an endless list of things that can trigger your engine lights, including old spark plugs and a loose gas cap. It's best to have it diagnosed and treated by a vehicle professional.


Immediate examination and repairs are necessary to turn the warning light off. If any of these warning lights suddenly appear on your dashboard, please bring your car to the experts at Rev Limit Auto Center today.

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