Why Won’t My Engine Crank or Start?

Why Won’t My Engine Crank or Start?

Nothing is worse than dealing with an engine that won’t turn over. Whether you are dealing with this exact problem while reading this, or preparing for the worst-case scenario in the future, we hope this blog finds you well. There are many reasons why your car won’t crank or start, including the electrical problems that you always hear about. Here are the top 3 common explanations for why your automobile won’t start:

1) Dead Battery 
Batteries can weaken, which is why it is always wise to have jumper cables on hand. After several years of usage, you’re better off with replacing your battery. To keep up with your car battery’s condition, you test its charge and keep its connection points clean. 

2) Faulty Starter
The starter is a part of the starting system. If you hear a clicking sound when turning the key, it means that your vehicle may not be getting enough electricity. You should check this using a voltmeter. 

3) Bad Ignition Switch
A failing ignition switch is a common problem that can lead to starting issues. This component sends power to the starter. Ultimately, it is best to have this diagnosed by a professional.

If you believe one of the above problems is the cause of your starting problems, please call or visit the professional team at Rev Limit Auto Center today!

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